Spinach Artichoke Dip
Spinach Artichoke Dip 8.75

Artichoke Hearts and Spinach Blended together in a Creamy Parmesan Cheese Sauce Served with Fried Tortilla Chips

Potato Skins
Potato Skins 7.99

Idaho Potato Halves Deep Fried, filled With Your choice of chili and cheese or Bacon Bits and Cheese with a Side of Sour Cream or Salsa.

Add Sour Cream or Salsa 40 cents each

Blue Ribbon Chips
Blue Ribbon Chips Half - $6.25, Full - $8.99
Half - $6.25, Full - $8.99

Our Homemade Recipe Topped with Melted Maytag Bleu Cheese Sauce & Crumbles.

chesapeake crab cake
Chesapeake Crab Cakes $12.99

Two Maryland Style Lump Crabmeat Cakes with Tangy Citrus Mayo & Onion Strings

Onion Strings
Golden Brown Onion Strings Half - $5.99, Full - $7.99
Half - $5.99, Full - $7.99

Thin Onion Strings Battered, Deep Fried Served with Spicy Dippin Sauce

Fried Green Beans
Fried Green Beans $7.75

Toasted Whole Green Beans, Deep Fried, Served with our Tangy Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce

Jumbo Buffalo Wings
Jumbo Buffalo Wings (6) $7.49, (10) $10.25, (20) $19.50, Extra Bleu Cheese or Ranch .50, Additional Celery, Carrots .50, All Flats or Drums (6) add $1.75, All Flats or Drums (10) add $2.50
(6) $7.49, (10) $10.25, (20) $19.50, Extra Bleu Cheese or Ranch .50, Additional Celery, Carrots .50, All Flats or Drums (6) add $1.75, All Flats or Drums (10) add $2.50

Mild, Spicy-Hot, Chipotle BBQ, Lemon Pepper, TeriYaki or Lemon TeriYaki, With Celery, Carrots, Bleu Cheese or Ranch


French Onion Soup
Homemade French Onion Soup Gratinee $5.75

Smothered with a Seasoned Parmesan Crouton, topped with Flavorful Mozarella and Swiss Cheeses

Blue Ribbon Chili
Blue Ribbon Chili Cup - $4.25, Bowl - $5.50
Cup - $4.25, Bowl - $5.50

Our Savory Homemade Recipe made with Fresh Ground Chuck, Beans and Fresh Spices, Topped with cheddar Cheese & Onions

Cincinnati Chili
Cincinnati Chili Small - $6.99, Large - $8.99
Small - $6.99, Large - $8.99

Blue Ribbon Style, Served over Penne Pasta, Topped with Cheese and Onions


Enjoy Grilled Chicken, Chicken Tenders Or Chicken Salad with Your Salad, Only $4.35 Shrimp - $6.50 Seared Fresh Salmon - $6.95 Chesapeake Crab Cakes - $6.50 Beef Tenderloin - $7.25
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad $6.99

Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Homemade Croutons, Creamy Caesar Dressing

Garden Salad
Garden Salad $5.99

Mixed Fresh Greens, and Other Seasonal Veggies, Choice of Dressing

spinach salad
Spinach Salad $7.99

Mushroom, Onion, Hard Boiled Egg, Cider Bacon Bits, Croutons, Warm Bacon Dressing

Chicken Fruit Salad
Chicken Fruit Salad $9.99

Pineapple Shell filled with our own Homemade White Meat Chicken Salad, Mixed Greens, Ripe Fruit, Topped with Pecans, and Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Blue Ribbon Salad
Blue Ribbon Salad $7.99

Mixed Greens, Red Onions, Roasted Pecans, Bleu Cheese, Gorgonzola Vinaigrette

Black and Blue Salad
Black and Bleu Salad $13.25

Our Simply Marvelous Blue Ribbon Salad Topped With Blackened Tenderloin

Blue Ribbon Cobb Salad
Blue Ribbon Cobb Salad $10.75

Grilled Chicken, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Diced Hard Boiled Egg, Bacon Bits, Tomato and Avocado Over Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Salad Dressings: Gorgonzola Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinagrette, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Lite Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Honey Mustard, 1,000 Island, Oil & Vinegar, Hot Bacon


10 oz Blue Ribbon Burgers! All Burgers are 10-ounces of Fresh Choice Chuck cooked "Your Way", Served on a Sesame Bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle, Plus... Homemade Chips, Fries, Cole Slaw or Baked Potato Salad, Onion Rings Add 1.49 Sweet Potato Fries.. Add 1.25
Classic Hamburger
Classic Hamburger $8.99

Enjoy the True Taste of a Fresh Ground Chuck Burger

Bison Burger
Bison Burger 12.95

8 oz Lean Ground Bison Patty. Try It.. You’ll Like It! Add You Favorite Cheese 65 cents!

cheese burger
Cheese Burger $9.99

Two Slices of American Cheddar, Pepperjack or Swiss Cheese

turkey burger
Turkey Burger $9.75

Seasoned with Lite Garlic & Pepper and Topped with your choice of Bacon, Cheese, Sauteed Onions or Mushrooms

Blue Cheese Burgers
Blue Cheese Burger $9.99

Here’s a Special Treat for Blue Cheese Lovers

meatloaf burger
Meatloaf Burger $9.50

Our World Famous Meat Loaf, Served Burger Style, Topped with Cheddar Cheese & Onion Strings

Alpine Burger
Alpine Burger $10.25

Topped with Swiss Cheese and Sauteed Mushrooms

Grilled Patty Melt
Grilled Patty Melt $9.99

Beef Patty or Chicken Breast Smothered in Onions & Swiss Cheese on Marbled Rye

veggie burger
Veggie Burger $9.25

All Natural Low Fat, No Cholesterol, Vegan Burger

Add Your Favorite Cheese 65 cents

No Carb No Bun
Lo Carb at the BLUE Burger - $9.95, Turkey Burger - $10.25, Bison Burger - $13.99, Chicken Breast - $9.95, Veggie Burger - $10.25
Burger - $9.95, Turkey Burger - $10.25, Bison Burger - $13.99, Chicken Breast - $9.95, Veggie Burger - $10.25

NO Bun! NO Carbs! Topped with your choice of cheese and served with your choice of Small Salad

Add Bacon 75cents



Dessert Section
Key Lime Pie $4.99

Tangy Key West Favorite

Daily Cobbler Peach or Blackberry - $4.99, Chocolate - $5.99
Peach or Blackberry - $4.99, Chocolate - $5.99

Baked Fresh Right Here. Like Grandma Made! Topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Brownie a la mode
Brownie A LA MODE $4.99

Served Warm, Topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Loaded With Lots of Chopped, Roasted Pecans

Blue Ribbon Favorites

Our Famous Baked Meatloaf Now Celebrating Our 30-Year favorite Recipe
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie $11.49

Tender Chunks of Chicken in a Rich Cream Sauce with Carrots, Peas & Onions in a Puffy Pastry

Grilled Breast of Chicken
Grilled Breast of Chicken $11.50

Skinless Breast – Cajun Style, BBQ or Plain Served over Yellow Rice with Daily Vegetable, Choice of Side Salad

Famous Baked Meatloaf $10.99, Little Loaf - $8.50
$10.99, Little Loaf - $8.50

Our Famous Baked Meatloaf

Now Celebrating Our 30-Year Favorite Recipe. Served with Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy & Green Beans

Blue Ribbon Sandwiches

Served with Homemade Chips, Fries, Cole Slaw or Baked Potato Salad. Onion Rings - Add $1.49 or Sweet Potato Fries - Add $1.25
grilled chicken sandwich
Grilled Chicken $8.99

Tender Chicken Breast with Bacon & Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion on Sesame Seed Bun

Fresh Seafood

Seafood Section
Grilled Salmon $15.50

Fresh Salmon Dusted with House Seasoning, Grilled to Perfection, Served with Rice & Daily Vegetable, Choice of Side Salad

Fish and Chips
Golden Fried Fish N Chips $12.25

Four Beer Battered Atlantic Cod Fillets, Served with Fries, Cole Slaw, & Tartar Sauce

Extra Tartar Sauce – 40 cents

Fried Shrimp PLatter
Fried Shrimp Platter $14.50

Eight Fresh Gulf Shrimp Battered and Fried Golden Brown, Served with French Fries, Cole Slaw and Cocktail Sauce

Beef Or Pork Dishes

New York Steak
12 oz New York Strip $18.99

Hand-cut in house and Grilled to Perfection, Served with Baked Potato and Side Salad

12 oz Ribeye $19.99

Hand-cut in house and Grilled to Perfection, Served with Baked Potato and Side Salad

Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs Half Rack - $12.99, Full Rack - $19.99
Half Rack - $12.99, Full Rack - $19.99

Falling Off the bone, Pork Ribs Dipped with our own Tangy BBQ Sauce, Served with French Fries and Cole Slaw